Traditionally dentists used to refer to an orthodontist. These days a general dentist can correct the alignment of teeth through various kinds of orthodontic treatments through appliances, clear aligners or fixed braces. We see children, teens and adults.

Reasons to have orthodontic treatment:

  • Appearance
  • Function
  • Prevention of damage to teeth and gums
  • Improvement of airways and facial development

In all cases, your treating dentist will offer you the option to consult with an orthodontist of your choice if you prefer.

Orthodontics Cost

For children, we recommend seeing them for an assessment from young as part of their regular check-ups so our dentists can screen for any contributing factors such as airway issues that may affect the development of the upper and lower jaws.

Sometimes, early intervention may prevent the need for braces later on or will make the treatment not as extensive as it would be if treatment is started as a teen or adult.

Orthodontic treatment is different for each person. Your orthodontic plan will be customised to you, your dentist can provide an estimate of the cost after your consultation and assessment has been presented to you.

At Semaphore dental we do offer payment plans through DentiCare.

Ongoing Care Whilst Having Orthodontic Treatment

During Orthodontic treatment, it can be more difficult to keep your teeth clean. It is very important to keep up your regular check-ups to make sure that there are no new cavities starting. Your Hygienist will give you some tips on how to manage keeping clean those hard to reach places.

What next?

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