Dental Services Adelaide

At Semaphore Dental, we do our best to care for your every dental need. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from general cleanings to cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry. No matter your age and dental needs, we can help you improve and maintain your smile.

If you need a full service dentist in Port Adelaide, West Lakes or the regions surrounding Semaphore, we can help by providing a convenient location and flexible appointment times.

Trust Our Services

Our dental practice was established over 55 years ago. We’re experienced, and we only hire the best for our team of dentists, hygienists and office staff. You can trust us to perform any service you need with care and precision.

To learn more about our services, just take a look at the links below. If you’re interested in a service, click on the link to learn more about it. If you need more information, you’re always welcome to call or visit us to get answers to your questions.

If you would like to make an appointment, call us on 08 8242 2458 or fill out the form on our contact page. We’re open during normal business hours on weekdays, plus mornings on Saturdays for your convenience. We look forward to making your smile more healthy and beautiful.

Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal

Nine out of ten people have one or more impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth is one that doesn’t have enough room in the mouth to grow.

Wisdom teeth can cause problems by crowding other teeth, inhibiting the chewing of food and, in some cases, interfering with clear speech. They also can affect the facial appearance of some individuals and may be painful during the eruption phase—and sometimes afterward as well. If you have questions about wisdom teeth, contact Semaphore Dental in West Lakes for more information. We’re happy to provide helpful feedback.

Courtesy and Experience

Our friendly, professional staff go beyond the norm to meet or exceed patient expectations. We have worked with dental patients of all ages, from youth to the senior years. Our prices are fair and competitive, and payment plans are available, so there’s no need to postpone treatment to get the most beautiful smile of your life.

Professional Customer Service

To ensure patient comfort, we offer regular dental anaesthesia or IV sedation if desired for wisdom teeth extraction. Our goal is to make each procedure proceed as smoothly as possible.

Our team includes dentists who can speak Greek, Mandarin and Vietnamese for patients who speak those languages instead of English. You can rest assured knowing that we will do everything possible to make each visitor feel welcome when visiting our West Lakes office, as your well-being is our priority.

Convenience, Comfort and Care

If you are wondering whether to have one or more wisdom teeth removed, contact our dental practice, Semaphore Dental, in West Lakes to discuss your situation with our team. Patient comfort and convenience are very important to us, as demonstrated in our detailed plan of care. Find out more about your options for removing unneeded teeth to get the smile you have always wanted.