Dental Bridges

Do you have gaps in your smile due to tooth loss? Are you lacking the confidence to smile and truly be happy? At Semaphore Dental, we understand the upset and distress that tooth loss can cause. Whether you’ve had an accident and lost a tooth, or your ageing smile is leaving you feeling unconfident about the appearance of your teeth, here’s a treatment that can give you your smile back.

Lasting Dental Bridges in Semaphore

The experienced dental practitioners at Semaphore Dental offer excellent dental bridges for patients who have suffered from tooth loss. If you have gaps in your smile and want to do something about it, call our practice today and ask our friendly team about dental bridges.

The Procedure

This treatment involves placing a custom-made bridge between neighbouring teeth to fill gaps of one or more missing teeth. Bridges are usually used in conjunction with crowns on either side of the affected area, allowing the crowns to stabilise the bridge and create a stronger, more effective solution to tooth loss.

To speak to a member of our friendly team about dental bridges or to book an appointment at Semaphore Dental, give us a call today on 08 8242 2458