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By 100000137502 09 Aug, 2017

The team at Semaphore Dental recently participated in a Dental Rescue Day through the National Dental Foundation. They volunteered their time, skills and knowledge to help people who were unable to access timely dental treatment.

Throughout the afternoon, the dentists and hygienists saw 11 patients and provided $6860 worth of pro-bono dental treatment. We have shared our experience in the Messenger recently. If you missed it, you can read it here...

By 100000137502 26 Apr, 2017

Well we hope everyone had a good Easter and enjoyed some family time. We all had a good Easter and we've heard that Easter Bunny visited many children.


Did you know that bunnies have teeth that continually grow throughout their lives? Yes, and they need to have food in their diet to file down their teeth! Aren't they lucky?!


Unfortunately our teeth are the only ones we get and once tooth structure is worn/chipped, our bodies don't grow more to replace the tooth structure lost. We have two sets of teeth, or as one of our staff's son says, 'nah Mum, we have three sets; your baby teeth, your adult teeth and your choppers!' Well hopefully there's no need for choppers in the future. Back on the topic, we only really have one chance, and we are finding that people are keeping their teeth longer. What dentists are finding, is that people are wearing down their teeth or chipping them. One of the causes of this, is grinding or bruxism.


People are often not aware that they are grinding their teeth. Your dentist can check your teeth for signs. These signs can be, wear facets, chipping, headaches and jaw pain.


What can be done if you are a grinder? Your dentist can make you a night guard which is custom made to fit your mouth. You wear it on your top teeth while you are sleeping. This will protect your teeth from further wear and chipping caused by night time grinding.


If you'd like to call and enquire or make an appointment, our receptionists Tegan and Sarah are ready to assist you when you call.


Thank you


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By 100000137502 31 Mar, 2017
We have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to the site. It's an easy way to share information with visitors and we are super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to our site and check for updates right here on the blog 

Footy Fever - Have you got yourself covered?

Well footy fever is certainly here. We had the showdown over the weekend at Adelaide Oval. The lawn was lush, the atmosphere was alive to say the least with a record crowd of 53,698. Adelaide Oval looked revived and pumped.

Port Adelaide started off strong in the first half, leading by 21 points. Adelaide was thirsty for the win and played hard and they finished up 6 points in front by half time.

All in all It was a close match between the two teams and Adelaide Crows came out on top with the win. Outstanding goal was kicked from 51 metres by Tex Walker, what extraordinary talent these footballers have.

 We have quite a few people calling to arrange for their mouthguards to be made at the moment.

Do you play football or another sport that can cause injury to your teeth?

Have you organised your mouthguard this season?

  • Mouthguards provide protection against dental injury whilst wearing during contact sports where there is a risk of an injury to the face.
  • Without a mouthguard, sports injuries can cause damage to the gum, lips and/or teeth or even knocking out teeth and jaw fractures

We can make you a custom fitted mouthguard. This is made to fit the shape of your mouth. You can order your team colours too.

If you'd like to call and enquire or make an appointment, our receptionists Tegan and Sarah are ready to assist you when you call.


Thank you


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